What Is "MonsterAIKit"

MonsterAiKit is a Blueprint toolkit to help developers to quickly implement their monster’s Ai in their games without any Ai programming background experience by only setting up the parameters in the UI, also the kit is written with Blueprints and Documented in comments all features to allow even experienced Ai developers to build over the system instead of building another one from scratch, it will save 1-3 months of development and testing!


  • Quick Setup: Easy to Implement the system by just Drag&Drop and setting the Monster variables in the UI.

  • Monster Behavior States: All the basic behavior Ai states you could need to implement your monsters (Idle - Patrol - OnSightReaction - Hearing Reaction - chase - Lose Sight - Searching - Investigating - Attack - Hit - Flee) .

  • Perception: Monster perception with Ability to (See - Hear- Sense Damage ).

  • Health and Getting Damage: a health system that will automatically reduce the applied damage that receives from the health value you chose from the UI.

  • Apply Damage : easy to make monster apply damage and determine the damage start point and end point in the animation.

  • Path Finding: the monster uses Navmesh to find the target and interact with any collision in the map.

  • Event Triggers: OnTriggers Events so you can add your custom commands at any State or event.

  • Initial States: you can customize the initial state and choose between Idle Animation or Patrol between specific points.

  • Investigation: Monster investigate the last point the sound did come from or the last point the monster saw the player.

  • Animations: Easily add your animations in the UI for each state or event.

  • Speed Control: can control the speed of the monster at any state.

  • RagDoll: you can use a death animation but you can also activate a ragdoll option to make the monster’s collision interact with environment after dying.